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My name is Betti Greco and I am an illustrator and graphic designer hailing from Southern Italy.

With numerous years of experience in the field of visual communication, I have crafted a diverse portfolio that spans a wide spectrum of creative endeavors.

My expertise encompasses a broad range of projects, including packaging design, book publishing, brand identity development, animation, music and advertising.


Over the years, I have had the privilege of collaborating with a multitude of both Italian and international publishers, such as Harper Collins, U.S. Games, Garzanti and Rizzoli, in addition to working with esteemed brands like Lenovo and Technogym.

Furthermore, in 2016, I co-founded "Doryfera Visuals" alongside Jory Stifani, establishing our very own visual communication studio.

My style is characterized by vibrant colors infused with a hint of vintage flair. Drawing upon my background in the world of pictorial arts, I have digitally reimagined and personalized my own artistic approach. My work predominantly draws inspiration from nature and the feminine sphere, which I depict in a fantastical and sometimes surreal manner.

I enjoy experimenting with different techniques and I love writing and inventing stories that often accompany my illustrations.

Outside of my professional pursuits, I derive creative inspiration from personal interests such as photography, books, travel experiences and music. Whether I'm embarking on journeys near and far, with post-rock, grunge and jazz melodies accompanying me, or immersing myself in the tranquility of yoga, I constantly seek out those sparks of inspiration!

selected clients




latest publications

"The secret oracle of the Green Witch" - U.S. Games, 2023 (illustrated cards)

"L'oracolo della Strega Verde" - Vivida, 2023 (illustrated cards)

"Prendi la mia mano" - Editrice Nord, 2023 (book cover)

"Menomale che ci siete voi" - Garzanti, 2023 (book cover)

"La rivoluzione dei piccoli gesti" - Garzanti, 2023 (book cover)

"Madri della Repubblica" - Kurumuny, 2023 (illustrated card)

"Prendi la mia mano" - Garzanti, 2023 (book cover)

"Femminucce" - Rizzoli, 2023 (book cover)

"Le voci segrete del mare" - Garzanti, 2023 (illustrated book)

"Dolcetti micidiali" - Gallucci, 2023 (illustrated book)

"L'artiglio del tempo" - Garzanti, 2023 (book cover)

"Strangers" - Garzanti, 2023 (book cover)

"Come petali nel vento" - Garzanti, 2022 (book cover)

"Il giardino segreto della strega" - Vivida, 2022 (illustrated book)

"I consigli di Sarah" - Harper Collins, 2022 (illustrated book)

"Questioni di sangue" - Garzanti, 2022 (book cover)

"La mummia scomparsa" - Gallucci, 2022 (illustrated book)

"Vite in attesa" - Garzanti, 2021 (book cover)

"Fit body & face" - Rizzoli, 2021 (illustrated book)

"Mi chiamo Matteo e faccio il contadino" - Cairo, 2021 (illustrated book)

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