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My name is Betti Greco, and I am a passionate illustrator and graphic designer from the Italian far southern Salento (Lecce). Besides illustrations, I have also a several-year experience in the field of visual communication by creating a wide range of works.


From packaging design to book publishing, from brand identities to animation, from music to advertising productions, my diverse experience covers local, national, and international collaborations. Among these, my works appeared in many Italian and international publishers such as Vanity Fair, Harper Collins, Garzanti, and Rizzoli, as well as in brand advertising by Lenovo, Technogym, and Vallone, and publications by popular Italian newspapers including Corriere della Sera. And from 2016, I also founded together with Jory Stifani the “Doryfera Visuals”, our own visual communication studio.


My visual language is colorful with a vintage touch. In fact, I took my inspiration from my previous experience in pictorial arts and its representation of the world of nature. A magical ingredient for my artistic recipe comes from “Master of Design”, a master held in Milan by the New Yorker’s and New York Time’s art directors, who were of great inspiration for my works.


Art means not only work for me, anyway. I find inspiration also from personal interests in photography, travels, and music. Walking through close and far places around the world, I look for inspiring sparkles, with post rock, grunge and jazz always in my ears, whether traveling in the car, while creating on my supercool tablet, or enjoying a concert. Also, moments on my own, doing yoga, can be helpful. And, hey, I am Italian, food is not only art, but I like to try new recipes with a glass of good wine!

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